Sub-contracting and Contract Manufacturing: Stainless Steel Processing

Machining, Cutting, Pickling, Grinding, Polishing

Are you looking for production capacities in stainless steel processing? We offer you:

  • Machining of stainless steel parts
  • 3D plasma cutting with robot
  • Dunk and spray pickling of stainless steel parts
  • Grinding works on stainless steel parts

We Design and Fabricate for You

We manufacture stainless steel parts and assemblies according to your production or project requirements: fast, reliable and without red tape. We are also the right company for you if you require engineering services with subsequent production.

We Machine for You

We are happy to carry out all your stainless steel turning, milling and drilling jobs. Just one glance at our equipment list will convince you.

Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Gas chamber
Gas chamber

We Cut for You

Our plasma cutting robot enables 3-dimensional hole and bevelling cuts. Two mobile cutting tables that can be moved either separately or in unison allow cutting of vessel heads and flat metal sheets with a maximum total size of 4,270 x 4,120 mm (14 x 13.5 ft). Use the efficiency and precision of that machine.

We Pickle for You

Do you want your components to be acid cleaned with our spray system or in our dip tank? Not a problem. We are also happy to assist you when deciding on the right choice of stainless steel alloy.

We Grind and Polish for You

We have more than ten manual working spaces for individual grinding and polishing works available. Modern belt grinding machines are used for the internal and external grinding of vessels and heads as well as for the execution of cylindrical grinding works. A double belt grinding machine is installed for grinding, matting and polishing flat surfaces.

AMS Technology is a partner at Das Fertigungsnetzwerk (The Manufacturing Network)

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