Apparatus Construction: Stainless Steel Apparatus

Mixers, Reactors, Fermenters…

We design and manufacture apparatus, process vessels, mixing vessels and reactors out of stainless steel.

Besides built-in components for your stainless steel apparatus, we can also add controls, operating elements and, if applicable, a connection to your production system. Our apparatus engineering offers optimized solutions for your technical demands and design concepts.

Cosmetics industry: Process dryer with filtering system
Process dryer
Pharmaceutical industry: Bioreactor with cover
Pharmaceutical industry: Detail of Bioreactor
Detail of Bioreactor

Covering all Steps of Apparatus Manufacturing: Planning, Manufacturing, Installation

Realize your production processes with our apparatus engineering and its planning and technical resources as well as its craftsmanship. Our stainless steel apparatus adhere to highest technical and hygiene standards at pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics production.

AMS Technology manufactures stainless steel apparatus for all industries and production processes:

  • conical and cylindrical
  • single or double walled
  • insulated or not insulated
  • standing, laying or hanging
  • mobile or stationary
  • with or without built-in components
  • with or without agitators
  • with or without half-pipe coils

List of Products

Find examples of products fabricated by AMS Technology on the page Reference Products.

AMS Technology is a partner at Das Fertigungsnetzwerk (The Manufacturing Network)

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