Branches of Production

Vessel Production | Apparatus Production

AMS Technology's production is structured strictly according to technological criteria. Individual production units have ample space at their disposal, optimizing internal logistics and warehousing.

The cutting branch includes, in addition to the round and tube material cutters, the 3D plasma cutting robot for cutting and chamfering of vessel heads and flat sheet metal.

The pre-fabrication branch is attached to the cutting section. All shell rings are manufactured in this section on several roll bending machines and welded to a complete cylinder. Conical heads are also, amongst other things, manufactured in this section with the aid of additional sheet metal forming machines and equipment.

Machining is set up as an independent production unit and supplies the pre-fabrication section and vessel production by manufacturing order specific components, such as vessel flanges.

The grinding branch will polish or grind the individual parts surfaces to the required roughness as far as their relevant condition allows it.

Those pre-fabricated components are now put together, aligned and welded together X-ray-proof in the vessel manufacturing branch. Also all other remaining jobs are carried out in this section, such as the aligning and welding on of nozzles into the pre-made openings, the fitting and installation of legs or support brackets, installation of the heating or cooling system and all other installations and fittings that require welding. If later in the production process further grinding or polishing work is required, then the unfinished vessel is once more processed through grinding section.

Quality assurance will then carry out pressure and tightness checks for pressurized vessels.

Once all checks are positive, acid cleaning will clean the surfaces from tarnishes and oxide scaling until the surface is homogeneous.

The completed vessel can then be insulated in the vessel production branch – if necessary – and completed with the other add-on parts such as stirring units, sensor systems, valves etc. and packaged for shipping.

Overview of our branches of production:

AMS Technology is a partner at Das Fertigungsnetzwerk (The Manufacturing Network)

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