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Growth of the Asian market

AMS Technology GmbH starts cooperation in Bangladesh

Limbach-Oberfrohna: High-quality containers and vessels made of stainless steel - this represents AMS Technology GmbH. And this high quality work from Saxony is appreciated worldwide. The company was able to record continuing rising sales in recent years, especially on the Asian market. In order to strengthen this line of business, the company AMS concluded a partnership in Bangladesh.

High quality standards in the manufacture of the production lines are also first priority for the Asian market. Therefore, seven employees of the cooperation partner will come for training purposes to Germany. The specialists of AMS will pass within ten weeks their experience and know-how in the field of stainless steel processing. They will train the guests from Bangladesh in special techniques of surface processing, grinding and welding. But, it is by sure that we can certainly also learn a lot from the widely travelled guests.

Achieve more together

Companies of Limbach-Oberfrohna contribute for the good purpose

Limbach-Oberfrohna: Five companies of Limbach-Oberfrohna also demonstrate animal commitment and sport spirit for kids this year and support different local clubs with 3.000 € in total under the motto „Achieve more together“. After the call of the contribution unit AMS Technology GmbH, DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH, DELTA proveris AG, Limbacher Oberflächenveredelung GmbH and OMEGA Blechbearbeitung AG to present concrete project plans three of twelve transmittals had been selected.

To enlarge and to develop age-based offers for the spare time and learning in Limbach-Oberfrohna is most important for the Managing Boards and Directors of the companies. „Finally, we employ a large amount of employees from Limbach-Oberfrohna and surroundings. It is important for us that manifold possibilities are also offered for kids in our town to create an active spare time. But some plans can not be executed by oneself“, Andreas Quellmalz explains, Managing Board of the OMEGA Blechbearbeitung AG, the selection of the clubs which can be happy about the contribution this year. The enlargement of the zoo school from the Tierparkförderverein e.V. as well as the projects „Sport for preschool kids“ of the TuS Falke Rußdorf e.V. and „Bambini-Badminton“ of the Sportgemeinschaft Bräunsdorf e.V. are subsidised by the contribution unit with each 1.000 Euro. It has already been a tradition for the companies of Limbach-Oberfrohna to support regional clubs and social institutions together by the campaign „Give instead of gifts“ instead of sending gifts to business partners and customers.

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Enormous Success at the ACHEMA Fair

AMS Technology GmbH Shines with Its Stainless Steel Apparatus

Limbach-Oberfrohna. On Friday, June 19, 2015, AMS Technology's trade fair team returned from Frankfurt's ACHEMA. “At the previous instalment of ACHEMA three years ago we already enjoyed a great reception. However, this year, the flood of prospective clients was overwhelming“, says Jens Barth, managing director of AMS Technology, pleased at the resonance.

For AMS Technology, ACHEMA is the most influential trade fair to exhibit its apparatus and vessels at. “I am confident that, following this fair, we will carry out many orders,” Sigfrid Frenzel, operations manager at AMS Technology sums up. As a partner at the Manufacturing Network (Das Fertigungsnetzwerk), an alliance of Saxon companies, 91-employee-strong AMS Technology is ready for even complex projects.

Give, Donate and Inspire

Limbach Companies Plan Another Donation Campaign

Limbach-Oberfrohna. True to the motto “accomplishing more together,” the Limbach-Oberfrohna companies AMS Technology GmbH, DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH, DELTA proveris AG, Limbacher Oberflächenveredelung GmbH and OMEGA Blechbearbeitung AG donate 3,000 € each year for a good cause and show their commitment to the region.

For some time already, the companies have forgone giving holiday presents to their customers and business partners. “Instead, we support regional associations and social institutions that make people happy,” explains Annett Barth, managing director of DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH.

This year, all institutions shall have the chance to explain their concrete projects. “We are certain there are institutions that are hardly visible to the public, but whose work makes an important social contribution,” Uwe Jentsch, managing director of LOV Limbacher Oberflächenveredelung GmbH, says about the background of this year's donation campaign.

To apply, institutions should describe themselves and a specific project they hope to finance, including its target audience and time frame on at most three A4 pages. Using “Donation 2015” as the subject, social projects can apply by post to DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH, Ludwig-Richter-Strasse 3, 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna or via an e-mail to until September 18, 2015. If you have any, contact Kathleen Donath at phone number 03722/71700.

Dual Leadership for Global Challenges

AMS Technology GmbH Expands Its Management Board

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Landmann, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jens Barth
Dr.-Ing. Uwe Landmann, Dipl.-Ing. (UAS) Jens Barth

Limbach-Oberfrohna. Starting on May 28, 2015, AMS Apparate-Maschinen-Systeme Technology GmbH has a leadership duo: Long-standing operations manager Dipl.-Ing. (UAS) Jens Barth was appointed managing director. Together with Dr.-Ing. Uwe Landmann, he is now responsible for leading AMS. Says Jens Barth: “I am looking forward to facing this new challenge together with our great team, in particular new operations manager Sigfrid Frenzel.”

Increasing requirements in carrying out large projects as well as a strengthened global orientation led the Limbach-Oberfrohna company to this change in leadership. “Large volume orders mean increasing demands in technology, surfaces, quality and date regimes. These days, our products are in use worldwide. It is impossible to manage and control this alone,” argues managing director Dr.-Ing. Uwe Landmann. AMS Technology is a specialist for apparatus and vessels made of stainless steel. It observes a positive order situation, especially from sectors such as the pharma, cosmetics and hygiene industries.

AMS Technology possesses excellent know-how, all necessary accreditations and comprehensive experience in carrying out large projects. The 91-employee company ships process mixers to Australia, evaporators and crystallizers to Vietnam, bioreactors to China, sterile vessels to Slovakia, cosmetics mixers to the US or desalination systems to the Mediterranean area. It will be interesting to see which projects AMS is going to land next. Given the accreditations for the North and South American markets, certification according to Chinese norms and for the traditional European business area, all the signs are toward a positive future. Jens Barth and Dr.-Ing. Uwe Landmann hope to be the dual leadership that sees this future become a reality.

AMS Technology is a partner at Das Fertigungsnetzwerk (The Manufacturing Network)

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